Density Range Epson Ultrachrome inks

density range epson inks

In this graph the density range of epson ultrachrome inks is plotted. In the higher densities some irregularity is visible due to noise in the measuring method. This curve jitter can be ignored. Measurements by Ian Parker. Inks are Epson Ultrachrome inks. Samples were printed on an Epson 3880 from a custom Quadtone Rip calibration image.

used inks

The black ink used is PK!
It’s interesting to note that black and gray inks are much more linear along the spectrum, which is no surprise. Also note the high density of cyan around 380nm rapidly diminishing at lower, ànd higher, wavelengths. Also the density slope of the yellow ink goes down from 400nm to 300nm. Here process sensitivity does matter!



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