APUG group buy DAS

This is a quick test with a 3% solution of DAS (CAS 2718-90-3) from the APUG group buy.

An unsensitized pigment tissue was brush sensitized with a 3% solution of DAS and dried overnight. It was exposed through a pair of AGFA steptablets with between each step a log 0.15 density step. Darkest step is log 2.85.

The tissue was transfered to a fixed glossy RC paper. Scan was done with an Epson 4890 with Vuescan, all settings neutral.

What can be observed is the very long and regular tonal range with a relatively low dmax. It is extra long because of the brush sensitization with a saturated solution that has a more pronounced self masking.

  1. Hi,

    With a Carbon Tissue, i will brush DAS 3%

    Just two question, i begin in the future with the DAS:

    1. To dilue the DAS, the best is water or other liquid ?

    2. The temperature is important ? 10°c celcius (50°F) is OK or other ?

    Thank you for you help

    Philippe bErger

    Berger    2 07 2013 - 21:43    #
  2. DAS should be diluted in water. A 3% solution is a saturated solution. Temperature should be cool but is relatively unimportant. I would say somewhere around 15º C. is ok. Brush sensitizing is possible but the best results are obtained with the sensitizer mixed in the tissue. A gelatin/DAS ratio of 0.06 is a good start (6 gram of DAS for every 100gr. of gelatin in your mix.


    Kees Brandenburg    2 07 2013 - 22:01    #
  3. Thank you
    Philippe Berger

    Berger    3 07 2013 - 19:00    #
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